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The Why & What Of
Jai Hind Stories

Jai Hind Stories | Kahaniyan Humāre Heroes Ki

Before we discuss ‘Kahaniyan Humāre Heroes Ki’, we need to highlight why we need heroes at all, what they do for us, as well as who a ‘hero’ is. We have chosen to use this definition by Matt Langdon, as our guide and starting point- “The opposite of a hero is not a villain. It is a bystander”. 

Heroes act when they see a wrong, they take risks and they work in the service of others.


Heroes serve a vital role in moving people and cultures towards becoming better. They show us what we may be capable of becoming and hence are vital to have in large numbers. They inspire and are role models.  


A society with abundant and available role models has more possibilities for growth. 


‘Jai Hind Stories | Kahaniyan Humāre Heroes Ki’, is focussed on providing Indian Youth and others with relatable stories about relatable people who acted, took risks and served others. We believe these stories are essential and should be shared widely as: 

  1. Indian youth today need better heroes and role models - defined as people who can inspire them to work on grassroots problems. 

  2. People who do choose to work on these challenging issues for India are often struggling for funds, volunteers, support and understanding. We believe these stories will highlight both the issues our heroes are working on, as well as them. 


Each of our stories comes out of research on a grassroots problem and the people involved in solving it. Our team travels to the location, and meets with our heroes as well as people affected by their work. We then document their work, mostly in film, and create a film. 

We also encourage other storytellers to use our content (that we share as creative commons) to tell the heroes' stories in their own way and share our film footage. 

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