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The Why & What Of
The Jai Hind Project

WHY does India need more heroes and role models? 

If you are reading this, chances are that you are interested in ‘India’ or at least some version of India. For the sake of clarity and so we can focus on our project, we will call whatever the British left behind in 1947, politically and geographically - India, as well as whatever we assimilated, or held on to after that. India in this context also means its people and their problems, because that is what we are specifically concerned about. 


India’s many problems, especially ones that affect the large majority of our poor and underprivileged, are a constant battle. This battle is fought daily by individuals, organisations and the government. This battle is fought amidst the chaos and diversity of opinions that is India with great difficulty, and yet, we all know that it must be fought. This is how all nations and peoples grow and flourish. 


The questions for all of us, hence, should be - 

  1. What are our grassroots problems? (Awareness of our issues)

  2. Who amongst us is trying to solve these? (Awareness of our Heroes)

  3. What can we as citizens do to help and support? (Awareness, willingness to help, and engagement by citizens)

  4. How do we make sure that the stories of these people reach more of us? (The Jai Hind Project)

  5. How do we make sure that more people choose to work for India directly? (Our hope through the Jai Hind Project)


This then, is the genesis of ‘The Jai Hind Project’ as we start with a very simple definition of a ‘Hero’ by Matt Langdon - “The opposite of a hero is not a villain, it's a bystander”. 


Heroes act when they see something wrong. Heroes often take risks in doing so, and do it for others. The act, risks involved in acting and doing it for others - all three behaviours contribute to the making of a true hero. When these heroes are available to us, through stories (or personally) and can potentially inspire us, they become role models. 


The Jai Hind Project believes that the stories of these heroes (as also an opportunity to meet them and work with them) will inspire more people to act, take risks and work for the benefit of others in India. This will hopefully create more heroes India needs.

Our Vision

To create a society in India where there are abundant and inspiring heroes and role models, both individuals and organisations, and to foster an environment where their stories are shared widely.

Our Mission

The team at The Jai Hind Project comprises storytellers, writers, filmmakers, and teachers in various areas of communication. We see our mission as

  1. Tell the stories of individuals and organisations who exemplify heroism and can serve as role models in India. 

  2. Support and empower heroes and heroic organisations to effectively communicate with the people of India.


Our Goals

These are the goals we have set for ourselves:

  1. Identify and highlight diverse individuals and organisations that have made significant contributions to society and can serve as role models.

  2. Collect and share compelling stories of these role models and heroes through various platforms and media channels to inspire and motivate the public. 

  3. Provide resources, training, and assistance to heroes and heroic organizations in improving their communication skills and strategies.

  4. Create a strong network and community that connects role models, heroes, and the people of India, facilitating effective communication and interaction.

  5. Measure and track the impact of sharing these stories and supporting heroes to ensure continuous improvement and success in achieving the vision.

  6.  Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including media outlets, educational institutions, and community organizations, to amplify the reach and influence of role models and heroes.

  7. Foster a culture that values and recognizes the importance of heroes and role models in shaping a positive and progressive society.

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