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Showcase of
Film Pilots.

Dear Dosto,

I seek your warmth, love, and candour, and not your money. Maa Qasam! 

This page is addressed to people I have specifically invited to see our work towards giving India more and better heroes and role models. I'd request you to consider becoming a 'Friend of Jai-Hind', and help us share and distribute the stories of India's heroes and 'others'.

You could do this in your personal capacity, or through your company's social media, WhatsApp groups etc. I will be happy to get on a call with you and explain the why and what of The Jai Hind Project, as well as explain how the films will reach you and can be shared. I will also make sure that you do not have to spend too much time or effort in doing so. Just so you know...I already am quite humbled by the fact, that people are ready to support us in sharing these stories. 

This page has sample films we intend to release starting the first week of January 2024. 

The showcase has:

1. Jai Hind Stories -

Kahaniyan Hamare Heroes Ki (Every Sunday)

This series has stories of grassroots heroes of India and features their work in a quick and engaging format. (Samples on this page...please check)

2. A Day in the Life of an Indian (Every Wednesday) 

There are many Indias and many Bharats that exist at the same time and one may not speak with the other. The objective of this series is to introduce Indians to 'other' Indians. Bas!

3. Jai Hind Documentaries (Periodicity not decided yet)

Longer and in-depth exploration of a problem India faces, through the lens of a Hero. 

These stories and films will go a long way in giving our youth heroes and role models that India today needs, as well as introduce us to Indians we may never meet otherwise. Please help me share these stories. Appreciate your help. 🙏

Thank you and Big hugs, Jai Hind!

Vineet Panchhi 

Founder, The Jai Hind Project

Frequently asked mujhe laga aap bhi pooch sakte hain:

1. Kya zaroorat hai in kahaniyao ki?

I've explained this here: JaiHindProject

The why and what of The Jai Hind Project.

2. What do you need from 'Friends of Jai Hind'?

Love and warmth, a belief that role models and heroes can inspire us to be better ourselves, and a hand to get these messages to our children and youth.

We also need to know our people, their problems, and who is working on solving these problems. That way our heroes may be able to find more support. Bas ye chahiye! 

3. What exactly do we do every week?

Help us share the films we will make. Bas!

Three of the concepts are shared on this page. If you lead a large brand or have more influence we will be happy to brand the film in a way that also helps you, and do not need anything from you, other than your assurance that you would indeed share the films. 

4. What about copyright, who owns this content?


The films we make belong to our nation and our children. Our hope is to have these stories, reach schools, colleges, homes and workplaces. There is a huge need to send more of our resources to our grassroots. 

5. Is Jai Hind a 'for profit' organisation?

No. We branched off from Word of Mouth media, after covid and decided that our work needs to be more meaningful. We are funded by a close community of friends who believe in our work. 

Happy to answer other questions that our friends may have: 

Jai Hind Stories - Kahaniyan Hamare Heroes Ki
Pilot 1 | Aasara Trust 
Jai Hind Stories - Kahaniyan Hamare Heroes Ki
Pilot 2 | Manjari Foundation 
Jai Hind Stories - Kahaniyan Hamare Heroes Ki
Pilot 3 | Jan Chetna
A Day in the Life of an Indian
Pilot 1: Sahil | Ragpicker
A Day in the Life of an Indian
Pilot 2 : Saapi Bai | Adivasi Farmer
Jai Hind Documentaries
Pilot  : Hyderabad Ki Jameela
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