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With A Hero

Young India Volunteer Program

“The opposite of a hero is not a villain, it's a bystander.” This quote by Matt Langdon is often seen and heard at The Jai Hind Project and Academy. We believe that when we see a wrong, we should push ourselves to act, take risks and do it in the service of others. That is what makes heroes, heroes. 


The best way to understand these heroes (both individuals and organisations), why they do what they do, and to learn from them is to volunteer with them. The Jai Hind Project runs a special initiative that connects young people to volunteering opportunities in the social sector. 


To learn more about why you should volunteer and the opportunities available please read this message from the head of our ‘Young India Volunteer Program’:

"Hi, and welcome to the Young India Volunteer Program. 

You might be wondering, how we can be like the heroes this site talks about. Well, that's where volunteering comes in! Volunteering means giving some of your time to help others without expecting anything in return. The Jai Hind Project has a special plan to connect young people like you with chances to volunteer and help out in our communities.


Let's talk a bit more about why volunteering is such a great thing. When you volunteer, you learn cool stuff that can help you in life, like how to work well with others, solve problems, and talk to different kinds of people. It's like learning new superpowers that can make you stronger! 


But there's more. When you do things to help others, it feels really good inside. It's like a warm, happy feeling because you know you're making a positive impact. Imagine how amazing it would be if everyone did a little something to make the world nicer. Volunteering also helps you discover your own special powers – your talents and what you're good at. Maybe you're great at making people smile, or you're good at organizing things. Volunteering lets you use these powers to make the world a better place.


And guess what? Volunteering lets you meet all sorts of different people. You'll learn about their lives, their cultures, and the things they care about. It's like exploring new worlds and making new friends, all while doing something good. It's like a school where you learn to make the world awesome by taking action and helping out. Volunteering isn't just good for others – it's super good for you too. You learn new things, feel really happy, and discover your own special powers. Plus, you get to meet all kinds of cool people along the way. So, if you're excited about making the world a better place, volunteering with us could be your next big adventure!"

Write To the Heroes 

Look at our Jai Hind Stories featuring organisations that are doing commendable work. in their sectors. Each of these stories have a link to apply for volunteering with the respective organisation directly.

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